Welcome to Vanity - America First Beauty For Real Women

My name is Amber Gimbel. I'm the Founder & CEO at VANITY. I have enjoyed an amazing career in the beauty industry, since I was just 18 years old. I am a former celebrity hairstylist, and could have excelled my career further into the direction of television and film, but chose a different path. Although I am very grateful to have screen credited experience on my resume, the fashion and film industries went incredibly “woke,” and did not bring me joy or align with my values. Therefore, I began turning down work from some very famous people, and directed my focus on starting my own hair salon, in 2013.

Since, I have witnessed the beauty industry wither away from empowering the extraordinary women I have been blessed to serve in the salon business. The sole purpose of the beauty industry was to empower women and make us look and feel beautiful, as a result. In recent years, it could not be more contradictory. 

My job as a hair stylist and salon owner is always to improve how a woman looks and feels about her appearance. Year after year, I've seen women leave my salon shining with confidence. That is why I am committed to creating a brand dedicated to women and their excellence. Women who want to look and feel fabulous without pressure or guilt for being born a "she."

I fully back all of my products and tools. Personally, I have a very low carbon footprint and do not believe that sustainability, and being environmentally conscious has a political affiliation. Just simply do your part. My products are responsibly manufactured with recyclable packaging, much of my packaging is designed using recyclable materials, and my products’ final assembly takes place in The United States of America.

With my story being said, welcome to my brand new online store. I hope you can join my movement by adding your email address, in the form below. I will personally only email you with relevant beauty news and product information, as I respect your valuable time and know you are too smart to subscribe to BS of any kind.

I am working on launching the worlds best hair growing serum and supplements. If you are interested in adding yourself to my waiting list, have questions about my existing products, or considering to make a capital investment in my company, please email me personally at contact@vanitybeautiful.com.

Please be advised 10% of my net sales is automatically donated to 501c3 Small Business Bees, a non-profit organization which helps women in start up and accelerating small businesses. Any donations made directly to the organization, Small Business Bees, are 100% donated to our "women in business" clients and 100% tax deductible. 

For more information please visit: www.donatesmallbusiness.org

Thank you for all of your support in the real womens' movement!

~ @TheAmber